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The Three "R"s

It would be easy to say that a produce distribution is about giving out food. We have it. People want it. Make the exchange, then get on with your day.

But, as God shows us time and again, that is not what our produce distributions are about. Our produce distributions are about three things: relationships, relationships, and, you guessed it, relationships. Today was no different...

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Knock, Knock, It's Easter!

Richard was strolling by our truck as it was parked outside of a building we were looking at as a potential location for the outreach center.

He stole a quick glance into the back of the truck as we were walking back near it. We seized the moment and offered him food from what produce we had left in the truck...

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Listening to God

Ashley approached me and asked if I had someone helping me with home deliveries today.

I informed her that the other truck and home delivery team had just departed and I was in need of help – She eagerly stated that she wanted to go with me this morning. I informed her we would be going to our normal delivery stops, but she quickly interrupted. The exchange went like this...

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Walter's Big Heart

Walter is 47 years old. He lives with an elderly woman who has befriended him. He has never had a driver’s license, and as a result rides his bike everywhere he goes.

Today, Walter rode more than a couple miles on this rusty old bike of his in order to get fresh produce. It was 15 degrees outside, and the wind-chill was pretty steady around 0 degrees...

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Charging Onward

We knew the weather was going to be bitterly cold on produce distribution Saturday morning (Jan. 7, 2017)...

and contemplated if we should postpone the food distribution until the following Saturday, when the weather forecast was to be much warmer.

Then the phone rang...

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Why We Do What We Do

It was Gail’s first time helping. She was a willing servant, but also a busy business owner.

She had carved out time to come help, and even offered her truck for doing home deliveries. Gail is a good friend, and I was looking forward to having the chance to show her why we liked doing what we do when we deliver produce door to door...

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