Written by: Anonymous

I just wanted to email a thank-you. There's a lot of stigma and judgement about the "quality" of people who find themselves food-insecure and it's often hard for people to reach out asking for help.

You guys make it easier by your process and friendly nature. While it's still hard to do (darn my sinful pride) it's not painful with your organization.

Within the last two years, we found ourselves struggling. Between health issues and one income, we often fall short. We trimmed the fat so to speak, got rid of every bill except rent, electric, gas, water, sewer, trash, insurance, and $25 phone. And still found ourselves in trouble! Our food budget is $177 a month provided by SNAP for 3. I managed it by buying a lot of cheap processed foods, and it worked! Until my husband and I were both diagnosed with high blood pressure and I was diagnosed with diabetes. Our new diets required a lot of fruits and vegetables and lifestyle changes but didn't take into account our income! Illness never does. What to do?? Then I found you at your old location.

I've found a great deal of help in being able to get these foods for free. I can then use my limited funds to build meals around them! For that I am so very grateful. My freezer now contains a gallon bag of diced onions, half a gallon bag of sweet potato fries, half a gallon bag of sweet potato wedges, half a gallon of ready-to-steam broccoli, and 3 gallons of ready-to-bake seasoned potatoes. Not to mention the huge bowls of fruit, lettuce, and cabbage in our fridge! 10 minutes in line, 2 hours of blanching and cutting prep, and a whole lot of stress relieved.

I wanted to reach out and practice what my mother taught me and thank those who have blessed me. So, thank you all very much. It's more helpful than you may know. <3