Original Entry Date: July 1, 2017
Written by: Jeff Wright

My new friend, Mary Lee, and I took to the roads to deliver food to two large apartment complexes. On this visit, I was able to reconnect with several children I'd met over the past several months. One of the boys watched me intently as I packed baskets of food to give out to our friends in the building...

The boy eased his way into a conversation with me and our new friendship was kindled. The discussion flowed easily and he decided to hang out with us for more than an hour. During this time, he asked many questions as he watched me pack baskets with food.

The young boy was anxious to help by doing the same. He patiently waited as folks signed in to get food, and then he jumped in and asked excitedly if he could help deliver baskets of food. His excitement and enthusiasm brought joy to everyone he encountered as he carried basket after basket of food to the apartment of nearly every person we met.

The happiness he brought to us and those he assisted was uplifting! His younger brother and sisters watched him in action. What a great example he set for his younger siblings! This was serving at its finest, and I felt he was truly Jesus in the form of young boy.