M25OC was recently featured in a June 1, 2019 news story on WMFD regarding its growing outreach to families-in-need.

Outreach Center Provides Fresh Produce To Those In Need

By: Ingrid Schmidt, WMFD Local News

MANSFIELD, OH - The Matthew 25 Outreach Center holds free produce distribution events to help feed those in need in Mansfield.

Volunteers including President and Founder Jeff Wright, help to hand out food at the event as well as making home deliveries.

"So what we do is once a month we set up shop like we have here and we bring in somewhere around 30-40 thousand pounds of food and we help feed the hungry all throughout the area," Wright said.

Lots of community members show up to these regular free produce events.

"We'll have here at the school probably about 1,500 people walk up to the school today to receive food for their families and then we'll have trucks like this one that will actually go out and do home deliveries. We've got four crews doing home deliveries today," Wright said.

The program is more than just an average food bank. It allows local families in need to feed their families fresh, healthy foods…

Read the full blurb and watch the video on WMFD.com here.