We believe it takes an entire community to help someone in need.

Below are some recommended organizations that provide additional resources outside of those offered by M25OC:

First Call 211

First Call 211 provides useful information to the public to connect members of our community with services that meet their needs.

Link: http://www.mrcpl.org/community/first-call-211

Phone: 2-1-1


Offers clothing and thrift items, for a nominal fee.

Link: http://www.goodwillakron.org/shop/locations-hours/mansfieldontario-retail-store

Phone: 419-529-2114

Greater Cleveland Food Bank

You no longer need to have to wait in line to apply for SNAP (food stamps). Just call the toll free number to get assistance.

Link: http://www.greaterclevelandfoodbank.org/get-help/apply-for-help

Phone: 1-855-738-2067

Harmony House

The Harmony House provides life-sustaining services to the homeless.

Link: http://www.harmonyhousehomeless.org/

Phone: 419-522-2283

The New Store

Provides multiple services, including school clothing, to better the lives of children.

Link: http://thenewstore.org/

Phone: 419-565-7505

Richland County Public Health

Richland Public Health strives to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, promote preventative health care and healthy behaviors, and protect against injuries and environmental hazards.

Link: https://www.richlandhealth.org/

Phone: 419-774-4500

Volunteers of America

Offers clothing and thrift items, for a nominal fee.

Link: https://www.voago.org/mansfield-thrift

Phone: 419-528-3036